Following the success of 2019’s conference, the 3rd IEEE British and Irish Conference on Optics and Photonics (BICOP 2021) will be held on December 2022 at the magnificent IET London in Savoy Place, thus bringing together two of the largest engineering and science institutes in the world.

BICOP 2022 will include speakers from across industry and academia presenting the latest disruptive advances in optics, photonics and quantum technologies across diverse fields, including Communications, Photonic Integrated Circuits, Sensors, Medicine, Manufacturing, Optical Computing. We collaborate with the UK Quantum hubs to present the latest world-leading advances in Quantum Communication, Quantum Computation, Quantum Imaging and Sensors, and Quantum Integrated Circuits.

About us

The UK and Ireland Photonics Society is a chapter of the IEEE Photonics Society, whose field of interest is in lasers, optical and photonic devices, optical fibres and associated lightwave technology, and their systems and applications. The Society is concerned with transforming the science of materials, optical phenomena, and quantum electronic devices into the design, development, and manufacture of photonic technologies.

We promote and co-operate in the educational and technical activities that contribute to the useful expansion of quantum optoelectronics and applications.

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